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Rosé all Day -- Granita Style -- How to make a Rosé Frosé !!!

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Pink is my FAVORITE color, if you haven't already noticed (see the design of this blog!), and I wear it all the time in clothing and I gravitate towards it whenever I see it. So, no surprise to you (or me) that I also enjoy a lovely glass of PINK wine... Rosé!

I drink a particular type of wine depending on the food I'm eating (white wine goes with chicken), the weather (red wine on a rainy day) and of course, the pink kind, Rosé, perfect in the summer! It really IS "summer's water," LOL.

What exactly is Rosé wine? It's wine typically made with pinot noir grapes, but it's fermented for less time, therefore, it becomes that lovely hue of pink (salmon colored, pale pink, etc). Interesting stuff, huh? It can be dry or sweet, affordable or expensive, and can even be bubbly or flat (no bubbles). WOW! Lots of choices!!!

But did you also know there are other ways to enjoy Rosé Wine besides drinking it? A granita is a semi-frozen dessert made with water, sugar and another flavor... in this case... Rosé Wine -- some refer to Rosé Granita as Frosé! Here's my easy recipe for Rosé Granita that's ready in a few hours and will be a wonderful addition to your hot summer afternoon!


1 bottle of your favorite Rosé

1 1/2 cups water

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 lemon


Boil the water and sugar on the stove & stir until dissolved. Pour sugar water into a flat long glass pan (like you use for brownies).

Pour the entire bottle of Rosé wine into the pan. Place pan on baking sheet so you don't spill it when moving. Place in freezer & it will be ready in a few hours.

Use a fork to scrape into pieces and fill pretty glasses (I used champagne coupe-style glasses)... and now you too can Rosé All Day !!!

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