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Let's Go Kayaking !!! My Weekend Kayak Review!

I love to be active. I am just not good at sitting still.

And when the weather is fantastic like it has been here in Connecticut, I want to run outside and soak it all up.

I feel very thankful and blessed living in Connecticut, I'm:

-- 5 minutes from our town park (has a pool, lake, walking & biking trails, tennis & basketball courts, baseball & football fields)

-- 10 minutes from local breweries (read here) & wineries

-- 20 minutes from beautiful beaches along southern Connecticut

My point is: there is so much to do OUTDOORS in Connecticut that my advice is on a beautiful day, DO NOT STAY INDOORS.

Recently, my BFF (my daughter, Avery) and I decided to get outside and be active and hit the kayaks at Westport Paddle Club in Westport, CT. Just a 20 minute drive from home, we were strapping ourselves into life jackets and renting a tandem kayak in no time!

Westport Paddle Club is located at 471 Riverside Avenue on the Saugatuck River in Westport, CT and filled with happy helpful staff. Upon arrival, we went through some safety procedures and received comfortable life jackets and found ourselves out on the water quickly.

I sat in the back of the kayak and my daughter sat in the front. Just like a fantastic duo, it certainly was a team effort to maneuver the paddles at the same time so we could explore the water and all the beautiful homes that lined the river.

Once we got the hang of paddling together, we were on our way!

We passed other kayakers, paddleboarders, small boats, stately homes and we even kayaked UNDER the highway. If we went in the opposite direction, we would have passed numerous Westport restaurants, the Westport library and we would have found ourselves kayaking almost along Westport's main street!

For a few hours, it was just me, my daughter, the kayak and the sun. We chatted and bonded with each other and soaked up our surroundings. And it was a workout -- trust me!!! If you kayak during the day, definitely don't bother going to the gym in the morning -- you will get plenty of arm exercise for sure!

We saw wild birds and waved at folks sunning themselves along the river. Larger boats than ours were polite and let us pass by and when the 2 hour time limit was up, we were reluctant to head back but knew we had enjoyed our mother/daughter time immensely.

We will for sure be back to the Westport Paddle Club either with a group of us (how fun would that be!) or we might try the paddle boards as I hear it is excellent exercise for the core (look! Another workout!).

But in the meantime, I will relish the hours I spent with my daughter out on the river... well, maybe there was a seagull or 2 with us... but we didn't mind!

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