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How do you Sangria? White or Red?

White or Red? There's no right answer to this question! I personally prefer white sangria, because I'm a white wine drinker, but I'm not adverse to trying a lovely deep red sangria.

But even when the weather gets cooler in the fall, it's not time to give up white wine just yet. And that was true this past weekend when the weather here in the northeast hit 75 degrees! So, I pulled out the white wine, as usual, and started mixing it with autumnal flavors!

Listen, sangria is usually mixed with tons of fruit and left overnight so the fruit becomes infused with the boozy liquid, but this White Wine Autumn Sangria that I mixed together tasted amazing right out of the bottle -- no overnighting -- which meant no waiting!

So grab a wine glass (or two), a pitcher, a mixer, or even a mason jar, and assemble all these ingredients. If you don't have the apple brandy or the cinnamon whiskey, just run to the store and buy little bottles, pints or half-pints, and mix away!


1 cup Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc

1/2 cup Stop & Shop apple cider

1/2 shot Fireball Whiskey flavor

1/2 shot E&J Brandy, apple flavor

Stop & Shop apple donut holes

apples, pears, oranges, sliced into cubes

Mix everything together (except the donut holes & fruit), pour over ice in a large wine glass. Add chopped pears, apples and/oranges. Garnish with a donut hole! And add whipped cream, if desired! Makes one large glass of my White Wine Autumn Sangria so make a double batch and then grab a friend and gaze at the fall foliage. Cheers!

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