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HMB's Summer Pasta Salad Recipe !!!

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I've been making pasta salad for YEARS for various events, parties, picnics... and I always just go on the fly... I make up the pasta salad recipe based on whatever mood I'm in or whatever items I have in my pantry.

But the pasta salad that I keep coming back to is my Hot Messy Bun's Summer Pasta Salad!!! It's only 5 ingredients and I've never had another recipe that keeps getting kudos and asked for more than this one.

How simple: 5 ingredients! Most you already have in your pantry! (I'm seeing a pattern here: I like to make easy simple recipes with items already in my pantry -- and they have to taste great too!)

So, make this summer pasta recipe EXACTLY as I've listed it and you will be glad you did. And even though I call it my SUMMER pasta salad... you can make it all year round... I just like to make it in the summer because of all the memories that it evokes.


1 box Barilla cellentani pasta

1 packet Good Season's Garlic & Herb dressing

1 container of President feta cheese

1 jar of California Sun-Dried Tomatoes, julienne cut with herbs

fresh basil leaves

Boil the Barilla cellentani pasta according to package directions al dente. Drain, run under cold water, drain again and transfer to a large bowl.

Make the Good Season's Garlic & Herb dressing with canola oil and BALSAMIC vinegar (it has to be BALSAMIC vinegar). Shake & pour over pasta.

Pour the entire jar of California Sun-Dried Tomatoes and oil from the jar onto pasta. Pour entire container of President feta cheese on pasta.

Lastly, take a bunch of fresh basil leaves, stems removed, roll into cigar shape & slice julienne style. Sprinkle over pasta & stir to mix ingredients. Top with fresh basil leaves.

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