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The Full Story

Hot Messy Bun

I started wearing my hair in a messy bun WAY before it ever became fashionable... thanks to ballet lessons as a kid and eventually tired, exhausted mom as an adult.

The Hot Mess part...well, aren't we all a little bit of that?!?

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Born in New Jersey, raised & still living in Connecticut, I was a Journalism & Comparative Literature major at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst...writing is my passion: journals, poems, love notes...and a BLOG.


I'll be sharing all of life's messes (or is it blessings) in a fun and delicious way! From Food & Cocktail recipes to Home Decor & Travel Tips - it's all here - Life is what you make it -- the good, the bad... and the messy hair!


The Journey

While I always have good intentions, I may not have the best follow through, but patience, persistence & a whole lot of FAITH (& fate) has helped me along the way.

I strive to do my best, but learned not to beat myself up if I fall short. Every day, I remind myself to straighten my invisible crown, pile my hair in a messy bun, and tackle the world... one bobby pin in my hair at a time.

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